“The only bad work out is the one that didn’t happen"

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“The only bad work out is the one that didn’t happen, Lets go"

Abis Fitness Banner

“The only bad work out is the one that didn’t happen, Lets go"

Abi's Fitness

Located at the very heart of Wandsworth Common, Abi’s Fitness Studio is a true community, committed to helping you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals.

We are dedicated professionals, always looking forward to help you achieve your fitness goals for the year. We won’t force you to do anything you don’t want, we are just here to help guide you.


We can help you get in shape and feeling great again, all on your schedule and in an environment that works best for you.

Qualified Personal Trainers


If you don’t know what you want to achieve or how to carry out your ‘fitness’ goals, then Abis Fitness are prepared to offer you a personal trainer that will see to your exercises and offer advice and tips.

Group Workout Classes


If you and your friends want to train and exercise together, then you should take our group classes. You will be able to work and sweat together and help each other achieve new heights and motivation.

Couple Fitness Training


If you are in a relationship and you wish to train together, our classes offer exercises that would be perfect for two people and help give them the proper motivation to work and train together.

Join us to build the future of fitness - Invest in Abis Fitness today!

Team Members

Qualified Personal Trainer

Abi Ade

Lead Trainer
With almost 10 years’ experience as a qualified PT, Abi’s has an insatiable passion for his “calling”. His mission: to invite the world – starting with Wandsworth – into the personal training fitness space and to unlock the door to the results that come from understanding your body’s unique needs.
Private Personal Training

Sofia Triay

Personal Trainer
My name is Sofia, I am a level 3 qualified personal trainer and life coach. I have been working with women of all ages and fitness levels in London for over 8 years. My mission is to give my clients the self confidence and tools to transform their mind, bodies and health.
Best Yoga Teacher

Indi River

Yoga Instructor
Having witnessed and experienced the amazing benefits of a regular yoga practice first hand, both on the body and the mind, Indi left the busy world of recruitment and travelled to India to train as a Multi-Style Yoga Teacher.
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