Lead Trainer

Abi’s Fitness started his Fitness journey in 2010 at Fred’s training in battersea. Since then, Abi has worked with vast amount of diverse and blended clientele, who desire and look and feel improved, fitter and energised for everyday living.  After being a semi pro footballer and also acquiring a degree in sports development at the University of East London, Abi decided to transfer his mastered skills and knowledge into becoming a dedicated personal trainer. Over the years Abi has had experience in managing a private studio in battersea before recently, proudly becoming an owner of his own private studio.
His training methods are based on multiple movements with weights, Overall his passion and end goals is to provide an exceptional committed service that will suit his diversified clientele. He desires to enlighten his clients with knowledge and personal gems of wisdom and understanding of how successfully train and strongly achieve your goals.


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